Innovation, Technology Transfer and Commercialisation

Start-Up Academy

Pre-incubation Programme

This programme support students and staff members with developing their innovative ideas as well as supporting them to establish their start-ups.

The programme provides the following services:

  • Training (various aspects including project management, value proposition, financing, pitching, etc.)
  • Mentorship (business as well as technical)
  • Networking
  • Prototype development (under development)
  • Opportunity to be part of the Unisa Innovation Club

Eligible: Unisa staff, students and alumni community-linked projects

  • Unisa staff members (from programmes such as the ISP/TIA Seed Fund/disclosures) and Unisa Innovation Challenge winners
  • Students and staff who completed the InnovationSense “From idea to the market” training, Tshwane Interuniversity Challenge: Unisa winners/participants
  • Unisa alumni-linked projects/startups through TISC

Innovation Club

The objective of this platform is to connect like-minded individuals i.e., entrepreneurs / innovators to have a space that will inspire, encourage, and collaborate between each other.


  • Peer to peer mentorship between entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Networking between peers.
  • Networking with seasoned and established entrepreneurs, innovators, funders/investors and other relevant players in the ecosystem.
  • Opportunities to participate in internal and external programs like innovation/ entrepreneurship workshops / events / training that are virtual or physical.
  • Extending opportunities to participate in funding / incubation / accelerators for your projects / businesses.
  • Receive exciting and informative updates on the entrepreneurship / innovation ecosystem.
  • Direct interaction with Unisa DITTC office. 

For more information, please email, Mr Basanda Pongoma: Business Development Specialist on 

Last modified: 2023/08/07