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College of Economic and Management Sciences
Executive Dean: Dr MT MaseTshaba (Acting) 012 433 4732
Deputy Executive Dean:  Prof MC Mulaudzi 012 429 3724
Director: School of Economic and Financial Sciences: Dr NJ Godi (Acting) 0124296658
Director: School of Management Sciences: Dr NV Moraka 0124298752
Director: Public and Operations Management: Prof TE Nenzhelele 0124293756
Head: Office of Graduate Studies and Research: Prof M Mkansi  
Head: Tuition and Student Support: Prof O Ledimo 012 429-4077
Head: Quality Assurance and Enhancement: Dr L Ntiso 0124294350
College Administrator: Ms B Modibedi (Acting) 0124296632
Research Administrator: Ms MS Ramaphoko 0124293744
College information coordinator: Ms P Ngcobo 0124298650
Administrative Officer (Student Enquiries): Mr K Mtsamai (Kgotatso) 012 429-3925
Coordinator: Technology enhanced Teaching and learning: Mr Martin Sadiki  0124298040
TVET/Tuition Coordinator: Mr M Thembo (Shika) 012 429-8947
RPL Coordinator : Ms NC Meyiwa 0124294077
College Academic Coordinator: Ms C Murabi 012 429 4541
Human Resources: Mrs L Maluleka 012 429-4820
Communication and Marketing Specialist: Ms Tebogo Mahlaela  
School of Economic and Financial Sciences
Department of Decision Sciences:   Prof HP Mashele  
Department of Economics: Prof N Mkhize: 0124334623
Department of Finance, Risk Management and Banking: Dr AA Ndou (Acting) 0124294641
School of Management Sciences
Department of Business Management: Pro K Boya 0124293979
Department of Human Resource Management: Dr EM Moerane 0124292197
Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology: Dr BPM Maphala 0124298355
Department of Marketing and Retail: Prof N Dilotsotlhe  
School of Public and Operations Management
Department of Applied Management: Dr NH Manchidi 0124296429
Department of Public Administration and Management: Prof SR Malefane 0124296084
Department of Operations Management: Prof S Naidoo 0124293304

Last modified: 2024/04/08