College of Accounting Sciences


The College is committed to provide relevant research that makes a significant contribution to practice and industry in South Africa and Africa. The research portfolio of the College is led by the Head: Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Our research objectives are to:

  • develop and grow research capacity;
  • foster a supportive, enabling research environment ;
  • contribute to South Africa’s economic, social, cultural, environmental, scientific and technological well-being;
  • become a leader in ODL research on the African continent and internationally;
  • enhance master’s and doctoral research.

Master's and doctoral studies

In order to improve research capacity in the college, we continue to put more effort in improving the qualifications of our staff members. Staff members are actively involved in supervising or co-supervising master's and doctoral students in the disciplines of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing and Taxation. Staff members are motivated to attend supervision workshops presented by internal and external providers.

Students  are encouraged to apply for bursaries and grants. The Office of Graduate Studies and Research assists where necessary to ensure successful applications. Click here to visit the Office of Graduate Studies and Research

Last modified: 2023/08/07