Innovation, Technology Transfer and Commercialisation

Innovation Support

1. Staff Programmes

  • Innovation Support Programme (ISP)

    The Innovation Support Programme aims to encourage and support all Unisa staff members, including academic associates, in developing innovative research projects that offer solutions to societal challenges. Funding is available for novel or innovative projects in the form of a grant for projects across all disciplines.
  • Seed Fund

    To assist with the translation of research into fundable projects, DITTC administers the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) Seed Fund on behalf of the university. The TIA Seed Fund supports the maturation and commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP) emanating from the university.

2. Student Programmes

  • Innovation Challenge (IC)

    Unisa, through the Innovation Challenge, aims to stimulate the development of high-quality innovative student projects, which seek to provide innovative solutions to the challenges that society faces. The programme is open to all registered Unisa students. Projects can, but need not, originate from students’ studies. Individual or group proposals are welcome.
  • Internationational Student Exchange Programme

    This programme fosters strategic collaborative relations between Unisa and other international institutions with the emphasis on BRICS and other developing countries. The exchange creates a platform for the advancement of collaborative work between Unisa students and those of other international institutions. The exchange also promotes innovation and enables participation of Unisa students in international innovation and business plan competitions. The aim is also to advance academic and cultural exchange.
  • Innovation Collaboration Ecosystem Partner Challenge
    • Tshwane Inter-University Innovation Challenge

      The Interuniversity Innovation Challenge is one of the many programmes on which the City of Tshwane, Eskom, TIH, Tshwane University of Technology, Unisa, University of Pretoria, Tuksnovation, USaf, Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), the French Embassy and the Human Sciences Research Council will collaborate to provide innovators and entrepreneurs with opportunities to showcase their solutions, scale up and commercialise.

    Last modified: 2024/02/01