Research in the College of Agriculture and Environmental SciencesThe College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences has a vision of excellence and a strategic objective for Excellence in Research.

As scientists we pose the question "If not Excellence then What?". This question is posed for us to reflect specifically in research and innovation what would we like to achieve? In our current college plan we look at two major areas viz. postgraduate studies and research and innovation, and have set out baby steps to work towards that excellence.

Reflecting on excellence brings the realization that it is not a destination as such, but rather a journey. It makes us reflect on what behaviours must we learn (or unlearn), what are our standards and targets for both ourselves and our students, how do we stretch ourselves that little extra to be above average to go beyond the mediocre?

Research and innovation more and more requires partnerships to achieve excellence, how do we select our partners to ensure we stay on the journey of excellence?

Research focus areas:

UNISA Guidelines for research during COVID-19

Last modified: 2023/08/07