College of Education

"My journey as a 28-year-old PhD student and educator"

Speaking on Future Club Radio during Youth Month, Carlo Daniels, a dedicated lecturer and academic at Unisa, shared his unique journey and passion for promoting education as a tool for personal growth and societal change. Read more

A response to the reading crisis: Enhancing language teaching by integrating technology

The most recent Progress in International Reading Literacy Study revealed that 81% of Grade 4 learners in South Africa could not read for meaning in any language. Because of this, the EFAL engaged scholarship team from the Department of Curriculum and Instructional Studies in CEDU recently offered in-service training over three days for intermediate and senior phase teachers. Read more

Unisa strengthens partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning

In his meeting with the university's executive management team, Prof Peter Scott, President of the Commonwealth of Learning, emphasised the importance of deepening and strengthening collaborative bonds with open and distance eLearning institutions such as Unisa. Read more

Hard work earns Chawane a Bachelor of Education degree (Cum Laude)

Zamekile Mukelisiwe Chawane of Mkhuhlu township, Mpumalanga, adopted the principles of working hard and staying focused during her studies. As a result, she earned herself a Bachelor of Education dCum Laude), awarded at the Unisa Autumn 2024 Graduations held in Mbombela. Read more

Petrol attendant becomes first graduate in the family

Unisa has, for 150 years, made access to education possible for all. Access to education through Unisa continues to be a fundamental tool for development and increased prosperity for many. This is particularly true in the case of Masutane Othilia Sebetha, a 38-year-old wife, mother of three, firstborn and a breadwinner who is the first to graduate in her family. Read more

Rector of the University of Cienfuegos addresses Unisa conference

Under the leadership of Prof Velisiwe Gasa, Unisa's College of Education (CEDU) recently hosted its signature interdisciplinary conference on Teacher Education and Interdisciplinary Research, featuring a keynote address by Dr Orquidea Urquiola Sánchez. Read more

What do early-career researchers really need?

Writing in The Conversation, Unisa's Professor Mpho-Entle Modise and co-author Emeritus Professor Maureen Robinson state that South Africa's young education researchers need networks to share experience more than pressure to produce outputs. Read more

Education MEC addresses Unisa autism seminar

Speaking at the university's World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Seminar on 23 April, The Honourable Matome Chiloane, Gauteng MEC for Education, said that the provincial government wants society to celebrate people on the autism spectrum and recognise their unique challenges. Read more

Breaking down systematic barriers for people living with down syndrome

The Unisa Centre of Excellence in Disabilities and Down Syndrome South Africa recently hosted the World Down Syndrome Day Symposium to create awareness and address the poor conditions faced by people living with down syndrome in all facets, including healthcare. Read more

From adversity to advocacy

Zainab Slarmie is a Unisa graduate who exemplifies the power of determination, resilience and optimism. Despite facing numerous obstacles, she inspires others through her motivational speaking, advocacy work and dedication to education. Her resilient spirit is a reminder that anything is possible with perseverance and positivity. Read more