Employment at Unisa

Employee benefits

As part of the Conditions of Employment, UNISA offers a wide range of benefits to an employee, in addition to a competitive salary, that would be difficult to match within the higher education sphere. 

Leave provisions in the various categories viz. vacation, research and development, sick leave, relocation leave, maternity leave etc. are extremely generous whilst the institution supports not only the post graduate development of its employees but also the development of spouses and children through a unique study benefit system. Contributions towards the official retirement fund ensure a healthy accumulation of savings which should support the maintenance of a comfortable lifestyle upon retirement. UNISA subsidizes the employee’s membership of a medical aid and participation in an employee Group Life Scheme thereby giving an employee peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

The fact that some employees have been in the employ of UNISA for more than 30 consecutive years bears testimony to the fact that employees have felt a sense of security within the institution and have appreciated the employee benefits it has offered over the years.  Unisa honours those who have invested long service in the institution through the payment of long service monetary awards and the presentation of a certificate to an employee personally by the Principal of the institution. 

Last modified: 2023/08/07