Internationalisation and Partnerships

Unisa’s internationalisation approach and strategy

UNISA is a comprehensive student-centred Comprehensive Open Distance e-Learning (CODeL), Institution producing lifelong quality university education for all and knowledge dissemination that is continentally responsive and globally relevant. As the largest ODeL university in Africa and abroad, with students and staff in many parts of the world, UNISA has for a long time realised the value of internationalising its functions thereby expanding its continental and global footprint. Therefore, internationalisation at UNISA is an important strategic function and an investment for the future. It is considered as one of the priorities for the University

UNISA commits to developing meaningful partnerships with likeminded high-ranking universities and knowledge organisations across the globe to accelerate teaching, research, innovation and engaged scholarship in the 10 catalytic niche areas it has adopted since 2021. These areas are: Marine studies; Aviation and Aeronautical studies; Automotive; Energy; Space study and Square Kilometre Array; Fourth Industrial revolution and Digitalisation; Natural Sciences (Biotechnological studies); Health Studies/Medicine; Feminist, Womanist; Bosadi Theorizations; and Student Support and Co-Curricular activities.

Last modified: 2023/12/14