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Unisa Press is the largest university press in Africa, publishing books and journals. The Press supports Unisa’s Research and Innovation Strategy through the development and dissemination of knowledge and research outputs thus promoting accessibility as well as playing a role in supporting lifelong learning.

Touched by Biko
Andile M-Afrika
MANSON. A Short History of the ANC_frontcoverRGB.jpg
Manson, Mbenga, Lissoni
MANASE_White Narratives_cover_with_flaps_FINAL_matchbox.jpg
White Narratives
Dr Irikidzayi Manase
Thomas Mafolo's CHAKA
Prof Chris Swanepoel
Researching Power and Indentity.png
Researching Power and Identity in African State Formation
Doornbos, M. R. & Van Binsbergen, W. M. J.
Nelson R Mandela.jpg
Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela
Munzhedzi James Mafela
book cover Magnet Theatre.jpg
Magnet Theatre
Megan Lewis and Anton Krueger
Philip Quaque’s Letters to London, 1763-1811
Prof. Adélékè ADÉẸ̀KỌ́
The Haarlem Shipwreck (1647)
Dr. Bruno E.J.S Werz