Unisa Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Speeches delivered by Professor MS Makhanya

10 - 11 June
Prof MS Makhanya excoman lekgotla welcome and context (PDF)
26 May
Prof Mandla Makhanya 8th Thabo Mbeki Africa Day Lecture (PDF)
22 May
Prof Makhanya ICDE France Welcome (PDF)
22 - 23 May
Prof Makhanya ICDE France legal ethical issues panel (PDF)
19 May
Prof Makhanya ICDE France 2nd D transform Leadership school programme (PDF)
06 April
Prof Makhanya Unisa Retirees address (PDF)
05 April
Prof MS Makhanya academic assembly (PDF)
05 April
Prof MS Makhanya CLAW Seminar (PDF)
31 March
Prof MS Makhanya welcome Matthews Goniwe ECD Project Launch (PDF)
24 March
Prof MS Makhanya 2017 Earth hour concert (PDF)
23 March
Prof MS Makhanya Graduations welcome (PDF)
15 March
Prof Ms Makhanya Unisa Board of Trustees Address (PDF)
13 March
Prof Mandla Makhanya new students address (PDF)
11 March
Prof MS Makhanya Pune India 2017 valedictory (PDF)
10 - 11 March
Prof MS Makhanya Pune India (PDF)
06 March
Prof Mandla Makhanya graduation address (PDF)
03 March
Keynote Address: Gala Dinner - Research Awards Ceremony (PDF)
03 March
Research awards gala dinner (PDF)
27 February
The official opening of the 2017 academic year and the installation of the Chancellor, President Thabo Mbeki (PDF)
22 February
Opening the Discussion of the South African Human Rights Report on Transformation of Public Universities in South Africa (PDF)
16 February
Welcome and Opening Remarks Hrcoc Workshop (PDF)
22 August
Prof MS Makhanya’s meeting with the Unisa Black Forum (PDF)
12 August
Celebrating 60 years of Women's Collective Activism for Social Change (PDF)
29 July
Welcome & Contextualisation: Unisa/Mail and Guardian Critical Thinking Forum (PDF)
14 - 15 July
Unpacking the ‘Leading Change’ Agenda and What it Means for Managers (PDF)
08 July
Address: Staff induction (PDF)
01 July
Keynote: Launch of the Unisa-SANEDI Research and Community Engagement Biogas Project (PDF)
30 June
Unisa/GCIS Africa Day Public Commemorative Lecture (PDF)
29 June
Address: Launch of the Leading Change Project (PDF)
27 May
Opening & Welcome: The 7th Thabo Mbeki Africa Day Lecture (PDF)
18 May
Executive Management Workshop (PDF)
09 May
Address: Staff assembly - Florida Campus (PDF)
15 April
Academic Assembly, Muckleneuk Campus (PDF)
13 April
Welcome: Unisa Programme on HEAIDS (PDF)
12 April
YRU@BMR Youth Research Unit Conference (PDF)
06 April
Address: Association of Educational Development in Africa: 2016 Annual Conference (PDF)
06 April
Address: Long Service Certificate Awards Ceremony (PDF)
06 April
Address: Long Service Certificate Awards Ceremony (PDF)
30 March
Address: Graduations (PDF)
23 March
Welcome address: Joint Public Lecture of Unisa School of Governance & Public Service Commission (PDF)
18 March
Unisa Board of Trustees Address (PDF)
08 March
Opening: The 2nd Commondwealth Conference on the Education and Training of Youth Workers (PDF)
04 March
Address: Research and Innovation Week Gala Dinner (PDF)
02 March
Inaugural address: BRICS Symposium (PDF)
01 March - 30 April
March/April Focus (PDF)
29 February
Welcome and opening address: Launch of the Research & Innovation Week (PDF)
22 February
Welcome and opening: HRCoC Workshop (PDF)
19 February
Welcome and opening: Launch of the BA Degree in Human Settlements Management (PDF)
15 February
Opening of the academic year (PDF)
06 February
Closing address: 13th Unisa International Piano Competition (PDF)
03 February
Narrative: ICDE Presidency Acceptance (PDF)
28 January
Address to the University Community (PDF)
26 January
Opening address: 13th Unisa International Piano Competition (PDF)
13 January
Staff welcome back address (PDF)
16 November
Algerian Ambassador Lecture: "The Algerian Revolution and Liberation of Africa" (PDF)
12 November
Message from Unisa: 16th Annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture (PDF)
10 October
Opening & welcome address: World Homeless thinking globally, acting locally (PDF)
10 September
Address: VC/Principal address to the Unisa Employee Disability Forum (UEDF) (PDF)
25 August
Welcome address: Unisa-Sowetan Dialogue Series: "Are trade Unions still working for the workers? (PDF)
20 August
Address at opening: National Conference on Multilingualism in Higher Education: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities (PDF)
11 August
Welcome Address: IFLA meeting of Women in Libraries (PDF)
07 August
Welcome Address: Cocktail Function and Launch of the SAC-IAWJ (PDF)
06 August
Welcome Address: Women Empowerment Gala dinner (PDF)
05 August
Enuf is Enuf Campaign launch (PDF)
18 July
Closing ceremony: 5th Unisa Piano Competition (PDF)
17 July
Remarks on the Occasion of Nelson Mandela Day Build a ZOZO Community Project (PDF)
09 July
Welcome: TMALI Certificate Ceremony (PDF)
08 - 09 July
Welcome: Principal's Summit (PDF)
01 July
Welcome: Academic assembly (PDF)
24 June
Public Lecture on SA - Germany Relations (PDF)
09 June
Keynote address: Gloabal Education Forum (PDF)
05 June
Address on the occasion of Umbumbulu Circuit Career Exposition (PDF)
26 May
Welcome address at the Breakfast Dialogue with H.E. DR Mohamed Elbaradei (PDF)
25 May
Welcome and introduction of H E President Thabo Mbeki at the 6th Thabo Mbeki Foundation Africa Day Lecture (PDF)
14 May
Protea Life of a Legend Coin Series Coin Set Launch (PDF)
14 May
Is it time for an economic CODESA? (PDF)
06 - 07 May
Keynote Address: "BRICS II-2015: Institutionalization & Macau ("BRICS II-2015") (PDF)
04 May
Message of Support: National Launch of the HEAIDS-NACOSA Global Fund Grant Programme (PDF)
27 April
Open Distance Learning: Accelerator for Africa's Development (PDF)
18 April
Address to all New Students (PDF)
16 April
Keynote Address: Opening of the Rustenburg hub (PDF)
15 April
Prof Mandla Makhanya's speech at the NBI Agreement launch (PDF)
15 April
Congratulations Certificate Ceremony: Building Tomorrow's Labour Leaders (PDF)
13 April
Staff Assembly: Science Campus, Florida (PDF)
09 April
Address: Long Service Certiface Awards Ceremony (PDF)
01 April
April Focus (PDF)
27 March
Principal and Vice Chancellor's address to all new students (PDF)
27 March
The Diplomatic Reception for Latin America and Carribbean heads of missions (PDF)
26 March
Book Launch "The University of South Africa Memories: Transformation and Africanisation (PDF)
25 March
Private Dinner with Mr Thabo Mbeki, Patron of TMALI (PDF)
21 March
Dr Ivy Matsepe Casaburri Memorial Lecture Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in ICT: Smart Strategies for Radical Economic Transformation (PDF)
06 March
Opening of the Unisa sustainable process engineering laboratory (PDF)
06 March
Keynote Address: Gala Dinner: Research Awards (PDF)
02 March
In my life I have learnt (PDF)
02 March
Research and Innovation Week (PDF)
06 February
HRCoC Workshop (PDF)
03 February
Principal's Academic opening address (PDF)
02 February
February Focus (PDF)
31 January
Launch of the Teacher Development Strategy (Introduction and Purpose) (PDF)
20 - 22 January
HETL: Reaching the summit 2015 Making Community Engagement a University Priority – The University of South Africa Experience (PDF)
20 - 22 January
HETL: Reaching the summit Educational Mobility (PDF)
12 - 23 January
Official Opening and Welcome: Decoloniality Summer School: Decolonizing Knowledge, Power and Being (PDF)
13 October
Signing of the MOU between the African Union Commission and Unisa (PDF)
26 August
City of Tshwane/Unisa ceremonial MoA signing ceremony (PDF)
04 August
Feroza Adams memorial lecture and Unisa women of the year award ceremony (PDF)
01 August
Welcome: The SA's Chairpersonship of BRICS: From Durban to Fortaleza (PDF)
24 July
Welcome: G20 Outreach Seminar (PDF)
25 June
Leadership summit: The role of higher education in a development state (PDF)
23 May
Welcome: 5th Thabo Mbeki Africa Day Lecture (PDF)
30 January
Official opening of the SAPS Academy (PDF)
11 December
The Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Interfaith Memorial Service (PDF)
22 August
Business breakfast on Africa's economic future (PDF)
17 August
Welcome: 11th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture (PDF)
05 August
Welcome: TMALI Certificate Ceremony (PDF)
02 August
Advancing Gender Equality in Higher Education and the Broader Society (PDF)
30 July
Opening of the Unisa Science Campus, Johannesburg (PDF)
20 July
Introduction to the 2nd public dialogue on the Freedom Charter (PDF)
28 June
Green Campus Initiative: Zero emissions car roadshow (PDF)
27 June
Welcome: 1st Unisa Southern African Wind Instrument competition (PDF)
15 May
Welcome: Launch of the UNESCO Africa Chair in Nanoscience and nanotechnology (PDF)
27 April
SADET - Launch of books 5 and 6 of the Road to Democracy Book Series (PDF)
19 March
Commonwealth Conference on the Education and Training of Youth Workers – Welcome address (PDF)
14 March
In Celebration of 140 years of Shaping Futures: OAU@50 and Beyond (PDF)
13 March
Unisa BRICS International Symposium – Inaugural address (PDF)
17 February
Commonwealth Youth Conference – Welcome address (PDF)
06 February
Principal's Academic opening address (PDF)
06 December
Academic closing ceremony (PDF)
24 November
Convocation address (PDF)
31 October
Founders Lecture - Welcome address (PDF)
31 October
Founders Lecture - Closing notes (PDF)
11 October
Chancellor's Dinner and Calabash Awards (PDF)
08 May
Black Management Forum (PDF)
15 March
Keynote address: Gala dinner, Research Awards ceremony (PDF)
07 March
Welcome address: Staff assembly - presentation of the approved budget for 2012 (PDF)
17 February
Opening address: Launch of the Unisa College of Education (PDF)
08 February
Principal's Academic opening address (PDF)
31 January
Speech by Prof Mandla Makhanya: Literature, Philosophy and African intellectuals: Dinner with and in honor of Prof Wole Soyinka (PDF)
19 January
Welcome Address: 11th Unisa international piano competition (PDF)
12 January
African Institutions, Intellectuals and Political Resiliency: Prospects and Implications for Africa's Futures (PDF)
24 August
Senate address (PDF)
04 July
Keynote address and presentation, Ethical servant leadership at the University of South Africa (PDF)
04 July
Welcome address: Principal's summit (PDF)
27 June
Launch of the Unisa Charter on Transformation (PDF)
25 June
Keynote address: Port Elizabeth Alumni breakfast (PDF)
09 June
Congratulatory address: Long service awards (PDF)
08 June
Congratulatory address: Top performers awards (PDF)
20 April
University of The Witwatersrand Science Graduation (PDF)
24 March
Unisa/Black Management Forum (PDF)
28 February
UNESCO's memory of the world (PDF)
23 February
Inauguration speech (PDF)
17 February
Academic opening assembly (PDF)
16 February
Inauguration and Investiture (PDF)
27 January
National Press Club networking function (PDF)
06 December
Academic closing ceremony (PDF)

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